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Have you ever tried transferring a file from your personal computer to one you've never used before? Without shared drives on your network's intranet, it takes time — time to log into your file sharing account on both computers. Or, in the worst case where you can't log into a personal account, the impracticality of transferring files with a USB drive, or needing to perfectly copy a random 40-character link.

It's hard to quickly transfer files from one computer to another, unless you're logged into your internet accounts on both computers. USB drives are a hassle, and may not always be supported. Even for file sharing websites that allow for no-login transfers, the links are usually long, and impossible to remember or type in on another computer. is the world's premier solution for quick, simple file transfers. No more USB drives. No more spending precious time repeatedly logging into accounts on different, possibly public, computers. No more worries about sharing files within your fast-paced business environment.


We offer 3 tiers of competitive pricing. The free tier is for individuals who need to quickly transfer files here and there, and don't mind not having many of the features.

The Pro Tier is for individuals who need more out of, like larger file uploads, single-use-downloads, and more.

The Enterprise Tier is for businesses looking to optimize and secure their file transfer operations. It's quick and easy for employees, saves resources for IT, and takes the headache out of managing file transfers. Want more information about out enterprise offerings? Get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page

$2.50 per month
Uploads encrypted-at-rest
Single-use links
Expiration Dates
Max File Storage Time
30 days
1 year
Max File Size
20 Mb
2 Gb
10 Gb or more
When not logged-in
Custom Subdomain
Password Protected Downloads
Download Analytics
TOTP Authenticated links
Use Hardware-TFA devices
Deploy on local servers
Custom Features?
Multiple Sub-accounts

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